There are various factors that you should consider before applying for a Medicare supplement plan. These plans are not available to everyone and you should hence ensure that you seek adequate information before applying for the plan.

To start with, you are only eligible for a Medicare supplement plan if you have an original Medicare cover. This includes original Medicare Part A and Part B. The reason for this is that Medicare supplement plans are not insurance covers on their own. They are used to supplement the main medical insurance cover that you have by catering for the expenses that are not covered by original Medicare.

The 2019 Medicare supplement plans can save money      However, the people in this age bracket must possess a Medicare original cover due to certain medical conditions like disability, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and renal disease. However, this eligibility condition is not applicable to all the states. Some states may not allow people who are under 65 to possess a Medicare supplement plan. You should therefore seek information on the Medicare Supplement coverage to help you know if you are eligible for one if you are below 65 years.

You are also not eligible for a Medicare supplement plan if you have a Medicare Advantage plan. If you want to get a Medicare supplement plan, you should switch to your Original Medicare plan. You can only switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to an original Medicare cover if you have trials rights. This is where you are given a one trial period with your Medicare Advantage Plan after which you can switch back to Original Medicare if you are not satisfied. The reason as to why Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans do not complement each other is the fact that the benefits that you pay for in your supplement plan cannot be used with your Advantage plan.

You are also eligible for a Medicare supplement plan if you have a Medicare Part D cover. This is because the supplement plan does not cover costs like prescription drugs. For you to enjoy the utmost benefit with your Medicare Supplement plan, getting a Medicare part D is important as it will help you save on the costs that arise from medications. Although some older Medicare supplement plans covered prescription drugs, the plans available today exclude this and you should hence update your plan to make sure that you avoid any penalties.