Perfect Sailing Destinations

Whether you are already an avid, experienced sailor or are just looking to learn a new hobby, sailing is a perfect hobby to take up during retirement. Rather than sitting on your couch researching Medicare supplement plans, get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the wind in your sails.


Sailing is certainly a skill intensive hobby to take up, but it can be extremely rewarding if you are able to learn and stick with it. Sailing can be exciting, calming, and stress relieving for you. And if you are not comfortable being on a boat in the middle of nowhere without an engine in case of emergencies, many sailboats these days also have an engine in them.


There are so many great places to visit via sailboat, both in the country and abroad. Places in New England such as Boston, MA; Portsmouth, NH; or Newport, RI are famous sailing towns. New York City and Long Island have a number of great sailing spots as well. Venture down the coast to Annapolis, MD, home of the United States Naval Academy for a fascinating sailing port.


If you’re looking to sail into some warmer climates, head down to the shores of Florida, the islands of the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, or virtually anywhere along the California coastline. Perhaps you want to explore the island life outside of the United States. Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Aruba are all fairly close journies from the mainland. Other places such as St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, or Mexico’s Cozumel are all popular tropical destinations as well.

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There is fantastic sailing across the pond as well. Explore Europe from the Mediterranean Sea and all of the beautiful coastal destinations around it such as Barcelona, Monaco, Genoa, Mikonos, Valencia, Naples, Sicily, Cannes, Nice, and the entire French Riviera. It’s sprawling with beautiful islands and popular coastal cities, making for one giant tour and the perfect sailing vacation.


Wherever you want to go explore, learn the skill of sailing carefully and take good care of your sailboat. You will continue to reap the many benefits of sailing throughout retirement and enjoy a happy, fulfilling lifestyle while you do it. Who knows, if you spring for a boat that’s big enough for you and your spouse, you may even find yourself living on the boat full time. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend your retirement.